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The trading company Tongasoa-Artisanal was established in January 2005 to market handicrafts produced and imported from Madagascar.

Tongasoa-Artisanal, Malagasy baskets Malagasy baskets wholesale, specializes in the import of goods made ​​from braided or woven plant fibers . Madagascan bags and shopping baskets, beach bags, lady bags, children, ... many models that combine with many materials and colors such as penjy bag , basket aravola . Raw materials are abundant in the island such as raffia , the raffia fabric, reeds (zozoro), rush stem (vondro), hard grass (Bozaka), sisal, palm, leaves and even some trees barks. You will also find decorative stone, wood, metal or fabric.

Tongasoa-Artisanal holds structures that allow it to control quality of baskets of Madagascar and the product of a fair trade, from production to the receipt of goods in France.
Fair trade is an exchange system allowing to assure decent incomes for artisans living in developing countries by establishing direct solidarity relations with Northern consumers.
The approach of fair trade is a collective action intending to organize new means of production and distribution network for international markets, based on social, economic and environmental norms.
Fair trade promotes democracy, transparency and human rights respect around goals defined by the producers themselves, whose output prices determined not only by economic costs, but also by taking into account production, human, social and environmental costs.

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